Examples of Metal Toxicity

Below you will find examples of metal toxicity and treatment:

Example 1

60 year old welder who developed fatigue, decreased memory, and joint pain.  His urine Lead level was above the reference range.  He was treated with intravenous EDTA (suppositories could have been used but were not available at that time).  His Lead level returned to reference range and his symptoms resolved.

Example 2

56 year old who experienced fatigue, decreased mentation, and poor memory.  He had mercury dental amalgams and did not consume excessive tuna. His urine Mercury level was elevated above the reference range.  He had his dental fillings removed and was treated with DMSA.  His symptoms resolved and his Mercury level returned to reference range.

Example 3

44 year old man who developed headaches, poor concentration, memory loss, decreased hearing, fatigue, leg weakness, and urinary bladder incontinence.  His urinary metal analysis showed extremely high levels of Bismuth, probably from domestic coal leeching into well water.  He was treated with DMSA and physiotherapy.  His conditions gradually improved and his Bismuth level returned to reference range.